Nicole O'Kelley was born  in 1956 in Algiers capital of the  North African country of Algeria,  
a French colony at that time.
When she was three, her family moved to France. Despite her tender age, Nicole born
Desgrousilliers-Villalonga, brought with her memories of the sea, palm trees, the sun and of
vibrant warm colors. In spite of early predisposition for drawing and painting, she chose a
classical ballet career to express her artistic abilities .

In 1973, she settled in Canada with her family. The painting became gradually more               
present in her life. In 1986, she studied with the French painter Pierre Pivet and at the             
Heidi Bondman school of fine art.

In 1987, she won a first prize in an art contest in Montreal. In 1989, she took part in              
numerous exhibits, with the Circle Des Artistes Peintres Du Quebec.  She won other                
prices awarded by the well known art historian Guy Robert. In her exhibits, she earned            
recognition and joined the prestigious galleries in Montreal :'L'Art Français "and "L'Art             
Contemporain". She has held several exhibits on her own.

A quote by Henri Matisse became a recurring theme both in her painting and in her life:
"Art is not about invention. It must always be judged in terms of human emotion.
Without   sincerity no work of art can be considered authentic. I repeat, sincerity is
quintessential      because a work of art thrives from human emotion
Art critics have on numerous occasions underscored the influence of impressionists such as      
Monet, Cezanne, Van Gogh and fauvisms such as Matisse as Nicole O'Kelley's work, but        
over the years, her paintings have taken on a distinctive character and became "O'Kelley's

Carnival of Venice             First Price . Fine Art Contest at the Italian Cultural Center
                                     Montreal, Quebec in 1987 .

La Soupière                      Award of excellency. Contest of visual Art.
                                    Artistes Peintres du Québec, Montreal  1989.                                            

Lavender field                   Honorable Mention. National Contest of Visual Art of C.A.P.Q
                                    Montreal,  1993

Pears                                Honorable Mention tandem Computer Exhibit .San Jose, Ca 1994

Corn field                         Honorable Mention. Tanden Computer Exhibition .San Jose, Ca 1994

Ile Aux Coudres                Award of Merchants .Phoenix 2011
Exhibits in Galleries

Nova Gallery Montreal 1989
Pyramid Gallery New York 1989
L'Art Français Montreal 1990
Brocard Gallery Prevost 1991
Art Contemporain Gallery Montreal 1992
Entre Cadre Gallery Montreal 1993
Louis Aronow Gallery Sausalito, CA 1996
Port Royal Gallery Montreal 1998
Frank Stone Gallery Minneapolis 2000
ArtExpo New York 2001
Hopkins Gallery Scottsdale 2003
More Exhibits
Italian Cultural Center Montreal 1987
La Côte à Baron Montreal 1989
La Petite Ardroise Montreal 1989
Mirabel Airport Mirabel 1989
Salon de la jeune peinture Montreal 1991
Hospital Honore Mercier Saint-Hyacinthe 1991
National contest of visual art Montreal 1993
Groupe Sutton Immobilia Outremont 1996
The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Phoenix, Arizona 2001
Celebration of Fine Art Scottsdale, Arizona 2003
Art Link , juried art exhibition. Phoenix , Arizona 2007
Arizona Artists  Guild, Juried show.  Phoenix , Arizona 2011